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Magnesium Alloys----Not Only Future Metal Star

Magnesium Alloys----Not Only Future Metal Star

Magnesium might be familiar due to its presence in food supplements and in leafy vegetables, deemed vital for healthy bones and good circulation, but magnesium is also a key industr...



New magnesium alloy: World's strongest and lightest metal

Albanian Minerals President and CEO Sahit Muja said, If You are an investor looking for the Next Big Thing, Magnesium appear to be one of the biggest investment opportunity of this ...



Thermal spray is being used in metal manufacturing for many

Thermal spray is rapidly gaining recognition as a contemporary fabrication process. One of the most common uses of thermal spray is the application of a zinc coating. The need for s...



New development of surface treatment technology

Decorative and functional surface treatment technology firstly goes into the magnesium alloy and high value-added products market. As the magnesium alloy is extremely active, there ...

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