pure nickel thermal spray wire

pure nickel thermal spray wire

Brief Introduction:

Pure Nickel thermal spray wire has excellent mechanical property and anti-corrosion property. The alloy is used to make electrical vacuum device, electronic instrument components and anti-corrosion materials for chemical industry.

Chemical Content, %
C    Cu    Fe    Mn    Si    S    Ni
Max0.15    Max0.25    Max0.4    Max0.35    Max0.35    Max0.01    Bal.
Mechanical Properties
Coating Hardness    HRB 50-60
Bonding Strength    5000 psi
Deposit Rate    01 lbs/hr/100A
Condition    Solid Wire
Diameter    1.6mm(14 ga),2.0mm,3.175mm
Package Size    10kg,15kg,or up to client's demand

Standard Sizes & Packing:
Diameter    Packing    Wire Weight
1/16 (1.6mm)    D 300 Spool    15kg((33 lb)/spool
(1)For vacuum coating
 (2)For making valves grid, inner components of vacuum valves
 (3)Components insides the electron tubes
 (4)For making lead, supporting wire
 (5)For Electronic components
 (6)For battery production
 (7)Strong base of the filter
 (8)manufacture of connections for heating elements as well as heating spirals in spark-plugs

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