Magnesium alloy Rod AZ31B

Magnesium alloy Rod AZ31B

Chemical composition

Alloy Chemical composition%
Mg Al Zn Mn Ce Zr
Az31B Bal. 2.5-3.5 0.60-1.4 0.20-1.0 - -

Product application
 Seat frame, armrest, small table panel, pedal, in-built profiles, driving frame, sleeper frame work, dashboard frame work etc.
Magnesium alloys have excellent thin wall casting performance. They wall thickness of magnesium alloy die castings can reach 0.6-1.0mm, and the die castings can remain certain strength, stiffness and impact resistance. These performances are very consistent with development demand of lightweight, thin short and small for laptop. Mobile phone, digital camera, that makes the application of magnesium alloy grow sustainably.
3.Aerospace industry:
Engine shell,  parts.  Skin and cabin, frame, holder, wingtip, aileron, fuel tank, gearbox, airscrew, seat, undercarriage, all kinds of shell, siding, clapboard etc.
4.Military industry:
Panzer tank vehicle, torpedo, guided missile, aircraft / spacecraft, military electronic equipment, military statellite.
5.Medical industry:
Medical device and implant material.

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