Thermostatic bimetal strip 5j20110

Thermostatic bimetal strip 5j20110

Common Name: Truflex P675R, Chace 7500,Telcon200, Kanthal 200)
Bimetallic 108sp holds very high thermal sensitivity and higher resistivity,but the modulus of elasticity and allowable stress is lower,it can improve the sensitivity of the instrument,decrease the size and increase the force.
Grade    5j20110
High expansion layer    Mn75Ni15Cu10
Low expansion layer    Ni36
Chemical composition(%)
Grade    C    Si    Mn    P    S    Ni    Cr    Cu    Fe
Ni36    ≤0.05    ≤0.3    ≤0.6    ≤0.02    ≤0.02    35~37    -    -    Bal.
Grade    C    Si    Mn    P    S    Ni    Cr    Cu    Fe
Mn72Ni10Cu18    ≤0.05    ≤0.5    Bal.    ≤0.02    ≤0.02    9~11    -    17~19    ≤0.8

Typical Physical properties
Density (g/cm3)    7.7
Electrical resistivity at 20ºC(ohm mm2/m)    1.13 ±5%
Thermal conductivity, λ/ W/(m*ºC)    6
Elastic Modulus,  E/ Gpa    113~142
Bending K / 10-6 ºC-1(20~135ºC)    20.8
Temperature bending rate  F/(20~130ºC)10-6ºC-1    39.0%±5%
Allowable temperature (ºC)    -70~ 200
Linear temperature (ºC)    -20~ 150

Application: The material is mainly used as Non magnetic non matching ceramic sealing material in Gyro and other electric vacuum devices.

Style of supply
Alloys Name    Type    Dimension
5j20110    Strip    W= 5~120mm    T= 0.1mm

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