thermostatic bimetal strip 5j1070

thermostatic bimetal strip 5j1070

Thermal bimetal strip is by the different expansion coefficient of two or more than two layers of metal or metal solid combination, and along the entire interface varies with temperature and the thermal function of shape changes in composite materials.One of high expansion coefficient become active layer, low expansion coefficient becomes passive.When requirements with high resistivity, but heat sensitive resistance performance is essentially the same type of thermal bimetal series, can be added between the two layers of different thickness of middle layer as a shunt layer, is to achieve the purpose of control different resistivity.

The basic characteristic of the thermal bimetal is changing with temperature and temperature deformation, resulting in a certain moment.Many devices use this feature to convert heat energy into mechanical work to achieve automatic control.Thermal bimetal used for control system and temperature sensor in the measuring instrument.

Main features: wide temperature range.Suitable for use under high temperature
shop sign    5j1070
With brand    5j23
Composite layer
alloybrand    High expansion layer    Ni19Cr11
    middle layer    --------
    Low expansion layer    Ni42

Chemical composition
shop sign    Ni    Cr    Fe    Co    Cu    Zn    Mn    Si    C    S    P
Ni42    41.0~43.0    -    allowance    -    -    -    ≤0.6    ≤0.3    0.05    0.02    0.02
Ni19Cr11    18.0~20.0    10~12    allowance    -    -    -    0.3~0.6    0.2~0.4    0.08    0.02    0.02

Than bending K(20~135ºC)    Temperature curvature
F/(greenhouse ~ 130 ºC)     resistivity    Linear temperature
/ ºC    Allows the use of temperature / ºC    Density (g/cm after)
Nominal value    Allowable deviation        Standard values    Allowable deviation            
    Level 1    Level  2                        
10.8    ±8%    ±10%    20.2%±10%    0.7    ±5%    +20~350    -70~500    8.0
Modulus of elasticity
E/GPa    Hardness (HV)    Tensile strength
MPa    Allow stress MPa
    High expansion layer    Low expansion layer         minimum    biggest
152~181    270~340    200~255    784~882    196    392

production process
Cold rolled →go oil → pickling → annealing cold-rolled →oil → pickling → annealing cold-rolled → conform to the requirements of the use of thermal bimetal strip

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